Childbirth Education Classes



Caring for myself is not self-indulgence, it is self-preservation and that is an act of political warfare.” – Audre Lorde

Over the course of 2 evening sessions the class explores what you can do to bring about a healthy pregnancy, birth, and baby, and how to prepare for a gentle postpartum transition to parenthood.  You’ll walk away from this course with an understanding of reproductive laws and your rights as a birthing pregnant person in 2018.

Some of the topics covered include:

· The anatomy and physiology of birth
· Stages of labor
· Comfort Measures and labor-support techniques
· Negotiating the medical system and interacting with medical caregivers
· Articulating birth preferences ("birth plans")
· Giving birth by cesarean
· Understanding medical procedures and interventions
· Immediate Postpartum Care and Breast/chest feeding  

Morgane V. Richardson, birth doula and director of NYC Doula Collective leads the class with a blend of lecture, discussion, experiential learning, and inner exploration.

Queer-specific topics such as intentional family-building, gender identity and expression and the central role of non-gestational parents are integrated throughout the childbirth preparation material. 

Group Class Format

Group Class: Group classes are held at the Brooklyn Acupuncture Project in Gowanus, Brooklyn and Juniper. The fee for this class is $350/2 ppl. The length and date of each class varies - please check the schedules on the location websites.

Private class format

Private classes: I get it! You can't always make a group class or you might not want one so I've developed a comfortable, time saving and intimate way to learn about the birth experience. 

Private classes are 6 hours (usually divided over the course of two days) and are customized to your wishes. The cost of private Childbirth Education instruction is $400. The cost can be shared with an additional expectant family. Please contact me for rates and information if you would like to host a larger group.  

You may also add on an additional session specifically for feeding your baby and newborn care, 

  • Breast/Chest Feeding & Newborn Care session ($300, ~3 hours)

Other options:

  • Birth refresher session ($250, ~2.5 hours) - for those who have given birth and taken classes in a prior pregnancy
  • Newborn care session ($250, ~2.5 hours) - for adoptive parents or others who don't need to cover breast/chest feeding

Included with any private class is a Google Drive resources file, and YouTube playlist of videos.  Morgane can also provide other resources as needed.