Testimonials — See what families are saying about Morgane. 

I feel that I have been very lucky to have had Morgane as my birth doula. She is sympathetic, intelligent and she has a flair for making people feel at ease. The moment I met Morgane for the first time, I could tell that she has a warm and positive personality and felt as if she was one of my close friends. This being my second birth, I knew exactly what kind of birth experience I wanted: pain medication free, induction free (whether medically or holistically), intervention free, hopefully pain free, mother-and-baby-led gentle birth. Morgane checked in on me regularly to see how I was doing during the pregnancy and after the birth. She also helped me with creating a strong birth plan. During the birth, she was always by my side while supporting and letting me focus on what my body was doing. It turned out that this birth was much quicker but also more intense than my first birth, and having Morgane’s caring and efficient support, made it possible to ride through difficult moments. I recommend Morgane to all birthing mothers. I cannot imagine anybody who wouldn’t like her.
— Rie Eto
Morgane was a guiding light through our most important and life changing experience. While we’d hoped for a natural and gentle birthing experience, the baby had other plans. As labor dragged out over 48 hours in the hospital, we experienced many set backs that led to further and further intervventions, but Morgane kept us focused with her calming, wise and comforting presence. In the end, we were able to avoid a c-section and miraculously delivered a healthy baby girl. We know we would not have been able to go through everything without Morgane and feel incredibly blessed to have had her at our birth.
— Kendall Murano
In planning my homebirth, I thought I would not need a doula since I would not have hospital staff to contend with. I also usually like to be alone when I’m in pain/sick so I thought a doula would be an annoyance. My midwife convinced me to just take a look at the NYC Doula Collective. We decided to pick a tier 1 doula and Morgane and I easily set up an interview. When we met, I instantly knew I would love her. She is easy going, friendly, attentive and incredibly smart. I felt at ease with her right away, as if I’d known her for a long time. Finding out about her work and research in social justice issues (especially women’s health) told me she was very aware and empathetic- two very important traits for a doula to have! She kept in touch with me and checked in on me every so often, which felt great. She also made sure one of our prenatal visits was at the same time I had an appointment with my midwife so that they could meet prior to the big day. They clicked as well and I knew I had a great team. On actual birthing day, Morgane came over as soon as I asked her to. She came in during a contraction and rubbed my tummy for me. She always made sure I was comfortable with her help but also seemed to intuit what I needed without asking questions that would interrupt my birthing flow. Even though I took an intense Hypnobabies course during my pregnancy, during labor I did not want to hear anything about it. On top of that, my husband was also more nervous than we anticipated and seemed like he didn’t know what to do or how to help. Since we thought he would be my main support, Morgane really saved us by being my real main support. She had us call the midwife at the right time, worked very well with her and then took pictures of all the important moments. The cleanup was so thorough you would never know a birth happened right in my living room! I want to recommend her to every pregnant woman I know since I’m convinced that doulas can improve any birth, anywhere.
— Angie Yeung
We have so many thanks to say to you. You made the birthing experience many times more comfortable and less scary then we could have ever managed on our own.
— L & E
We recently gave birth to our first child and of all the decisions we made leading up to her birth, one of the best and most rewarding and worthwhile was hiring Morgane to be with us. Morgane is so kind and conscientious and her calm and caring prescence during the birth gave me strength and made me feel in control of a very intense and overwhelming experience. Before the birth she went above and beyond to get to know my husband and I as people, and during the birth she used this knowledge to relate to us on a really personal and specific level. I can’t even imagine doing the birth without her. She worked really well with our midwife and formed great relationships with the nurses at the hospital so was able to keep us really in the loop and help us to be aware of all the events througout the day. She adapted herself to whatever new situation arose throughout the whole process and never got flustered. She TRULY went above and beyond -doing things I never would have expected her to and always with a smile. If you have Morgane with you for your birth- you are very very lucky!
— Alaina Taylor
Thanks so much for all your help!!!! We couldn’t have done it without you! Your calm presence was amazing.
— D & P