5 Things About Your Doula

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There are always meme's going around on social media sites and, while I almost never fill them out, this one caught my interest: It asked you to share 5 things about yourself in various categories. I thought I would switch it up a bit and make it doula focused. Here it goes. 

Five things I need on a daily basis to be a great doula: 1. My phone to receive my clients calls/emails and connect with my doula mentor; 2. My Klean Kanteen water bottle to stay hydrated no matter where I am; 3. A warm nice shower or bubble bath to keep me relaxed and ready for anything; 4. Kisses from my dog, Joplin in the morning; 5. And loving words from my partner to inspire me throughout the day. 

Five birth books I recommend to others: 1. The Birth Partner; 2. Spiritual Midwivery; 3. Breastfeeding Made Simple; 4. Birth Stories; 5. The Midwife of Hope River. 

Five adjectives that describe me as a doula:  Patient. Compassionate. Grounded. Nonjudgemental. Intelligent. 

My five favorite foods to eat before a birth: 1. Miso Soup (with loads of fresh veggies) and Gluten Free Crackers; 2. Roasted Cauliflower with Organic Cheese; 3. Rice, Bean and Veggie Burrito; 4. Egg and Soliders; 5. A Fruit Smoothie. 

Five life instructions I want to share with you: 1. Trust in yourself. You are stronger than you know; 2. Have patience in the process; 3. Tell your family and friends that you love them every single day; 4. Don't be afraid to take risks; 5. Laugh a lot.