Henna Belly

One of my expectant mamas sent me this beautiful picture of her henna belly. Not only is she stunning, the design she selected to honor her body and baby is incredible. 


Henna art was traditionally done to protect the child. As the Henna Caravan website states

Lawsonia Inermis or henna is a small bush that produces a red dye that has been used cosmetically and medicinally for over 9,000 years. Many countries including Morocco and India have traditions of applying henna during the third trimester of pregnancy. Henna is believed to protect and bless the mother and child from any evil or malicious spirits that may be near during delivery. The red coloring of the dye and protective images used in the patterns guard against the evil eye and are thought to protect the pair during the child's difficult passage into this world.


Thank you to Stephanie for sharing these amazing photos!