Birth Center Packing List

Birth centers a offer low-tech, and comfortable place where you can bring your new baby into the world. While most are designed to be equipped with the items you might need for all stages of labor, there are always items that might help you feel more 'at home' as you guide this new life into the world. Below are some suggestions of items to include in your packing list to a birth at a birth center. You may choose to use some of the items, only a few, or change it up a bit to fit your own needs. As always, please consult with your medical provider about the use of these items.

Baby Wipes

Can be used both my mama and baby


Clothes to wear during labor and going home, a Bathrobe and Slippers

Think about bringing a bathing suit for you/your partner so that you can both labor in the water together.

Baby clothes and blanket for going home

Small bottle of Olive Oil

For perineal massage and for your baby’s bottom.

Orange Juice and Food for Postpartum


Small fish net
For Water Birth

Car seat

Rice Pack/Rice Socks

Music /iPod/CD player

Cell phone and charger

Favorite candles/essential oils

Tennis balls, rolling pin, whatever favorite massager is

Toothpaste, toothbrush, mouthwash

Sports bra for labor, nursing bra for after

Toiletries (Soap, Lotion, Shampoo, Chapstick)

Glasses and/or Contact Lenses and Solution

Pain coping technique flashcards, Affirmation Cards, Labor Notes

Regular meds you are taking, OTC or Prescription

Favorite pillow, Blanket, and anything else that makes you feel comfortable

If children attending, bring a backpack with snacks, toys, books, etc

Misc. Items for Partner
Change of clothes, book, music, etc.

You will also need a packed hospital bag in case you need to be transported. Suggested items include:

More changes of clothes
For a longer stay

Earplugs and Eye Shade

For Sleeping

Cash for parking and Coins for vending machines

Nursing pads

Call list of people to announce the birth too

Please feel free  share your own ideas for a birth center packing list!