Hospital Packing List

As you prepare for your labor, many of you will be thinking about what you should bring to the hospital to make it a more comfortable and empowering experience. Below are some suggestions of items to include in your packing list to a hospital birth. These are items that other doulas, health care providers, and families have mentioned work for them but feel free to include all, select only some or bring other items that will help you have a birth filled with pleasure, As always, please consult with your medical provider before using. 


Good if you don’t like hospital mesh underwear

Good walking shoes and Comfortable socks
Bring spares in case yours get dirty 

Clothes to wear during labor, Going home, a Bathrobe and Slippers

Think about bringing a bathing suit for you/your partner so that you can both labor in the water together.

Extra nightgowns/Clothes for your stay

Small bottle of Olive Oil

For perineal massage and for your baby’s bottom.

Snacks/Food/Drinks for you and your partner
Protein bars and energy drinks are great to keep your energy level high.


Car seat

Rice Pack/Rice Socks

Birth ball
In case you don’t want to use hospitals, or they don’t have them.

Music/iPod/CD Player

Essential Oils and Cotton balls (for putting drops on)

Tennis balls, Rolling Pin or whatever your favorite massager is

Toothpaste, Toothbrush, Mouthwash for you and your partner

Sports bra for labor and Nursing bra for Postpartum

Toiletries (Soap, Lotion, Shampoo, Chapstick)

Glasses and/or Contact Lenses and Solution

Pain coping technique flashcards, Affirmation Cards, Labor Notes

Regular meds you are taking, OTC or Prescription (in case the pharmacy will not provide them)

Favorite pillow, Blanket, and anything else that makes you feel comfortable

If children attending, bring a backpack with snacks, toys, books, etc

Misc. Items for Partner
Change of clothes, book, music, etc.

Earplugs and Eye Shade

Reading or some sort of entertainment for your self.
It’s always nice to have something to read or watch if you are up late/early and taking care of your baby in the hospital or, if labor is going longer than anticipated.

Cash for parking and quarters for vending machines

Pen and paper

Great to keep track of your thoughts, questions you may have, etc.

Calling list for announcing the birth


If the hospital has wireless, you can use your laptop to post cute baby photos fast!

And of course, your doula!